RNC – The Royal National College For The Blind – Dine In the Dark

RNC Hereford

The Royal National College For The Blind are one of Blue Line’s largest clients and we enjoy a strong working relationship with them. We transport students on local and national trips from and to the college based in Venns Lane in Hereford.

The college hosted a fantastic event this month called ‘Dine In The Dark’ to raise money towards enhancing the experiences of the students studying foreign languages. They have a terrific foreign exchange programme in place and have various trips planned to countries such as France, Spain & Germany this year.

We were delighted to donate a £50.00 taxi voucher in support of the event and hope this helps to contribute towards the fundraising that is ongoing for this terrific cause.

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  1. Emily Lynch 6th March 2017 at 1:46 pm #

    The Royal National College for the Blind are very appreciate to Blue Line Taxis for their support of our unique event. We are the largest college for people with a visual impairment in the country and our ‘DIne in the Dark’ event raises money to help support a programme allowing our students to travel abroad, some for the very first time. A huge thank you to Blue Line, your support is invaluable!

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